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71-100 million people worldwide are being negatively impacted to be pushed into extreme poverty by from the world wide pandemic of COVID-19. In almost every third-world or underdeveloped country that COVID-19 has impacted, the poor and vulnerable communities and individuals are directly in danger to the virus as they cannot afford to quarantine or have the luxury, money, and accessibility to buy supplies to protect themselves against the virus.

What makes it so hard is the accessibility and funding for the help and supplies to reach and actively make a positive impact among these communities. In addition to being a world-wide pandemic, factors in which people are born, live, work, poverty, exclusion, inequality, social status, housing and environmental and political conditions all have a major impact on the health and well-being of these communities.



With COVID-19 on the rise, many can actively say they have been affected by the global pandemic in some way. With the issue's at hand we, Just Cables, want to use our Olivia Cable Groupbuy to raise money and donate proceeds to three specific non-profit organizations, Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, and Save The Children. These organizations will allow us to engage with not only domestic issues but world-wide issues of individuals from babies to elders, from homeless to heavy in-debt families, from third-world countries to shut-down/lock down countries.


Olivia Cable Groupbuy will specifically close at May 10th @ 8PM PST, shortly after proceeds will evenly be split into three, and each third will be donated to the charities.

With the growing platform we have and all the support we have garnered from making cables bespoke to each of our supporters, we want to use the voice we have in the Mechanical Keyboard Community to help with the fight against the world-wide pandemic.

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